Never Too Cold For Love



Looking For Love

Who says you can’t fall in love in one day? Is there a limit on how much time we spend together before we can call it love?

I personally think time is meaningless when it comes to love. As I watched all the birds outside my door  today, I thought about this. Each little bird braved freezing temperatures, courted, mated, and built houses in one day.


Remember all those young couples who met, married at a moments notice, and survived  World War II, only to be together for over fifty years? Time had nothing to do with the survival of their marriages. Those people believed in working at relationships until they got them right.

I used to tell my kids that their Dad and I were Dinosaurs. When they asked why, we told them we were one of the last couples they knew who were married to the same person they walked down the aisle with, the first time. Our family wasn’t made up of his kids my kids, and our kids.

This blog may upset some. I’m not saying that today’s relationships are wrong , but just think how easy it would be with one last name, no hyphens, and waking up next to the same wonderful spouse for generations.




I’m so lonesome I could cry!


First Public Appearance

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Today, I had the honor of speaking to the Batesburg/Leesville High School Book Club. This was my first public appearance as a published Author. Whew! That title is still hard to get used to. I suppose it won’t seem real until I see the receipts for the first sales. The students viewed my book trailer and rated it as “great.” The trailer sparked a lively conversation about writing and reading novels. I found it refreshing to find such academic enthusiasm among high school students. Though a little hesitant at first, they soon opened up and expressed interest in the writing process. How do you name characters and do the characters in the book become like family? These two questions gave my gray cells a workout.

My thoughts quickly ran back over the anguished nights, I’d spent worrying over Brandon Falcon in my first book. He became my friend and later the entire book was like a child. (Brain Child) I’d get defensive when people said unkind things about my book. It felt like they were attacking me personally, and since the book had so much of my sweat and agony in it, the pain was real. As I’ve grown as a writer, I’ve learned to take the criticism, and better yet, I can now take the comments and use them to evaluate my work and improve it. Below, I’ve attached the link to my book trailer.

Please enjoy.




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Evelyn Timidaiski


Evelyn M Timidaiski: Author

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It’s been almost four years since I first sat at the computer and wrote, CHAPTER ONE. So many things have changed and I’ve grown so much as a writer. On December 21, 1014, my first book to be published will make its debut.

Holly and Snowflake Christmas, published by Desert Breeze Publishing will be available in E-pub form at, Barnes and Nobles, Desert Breeze Publishing and anywhere e-books are sold.

Holly Book cover I hope you enjoy the story of Holly Dunnell and Andrew Notah as they discover their love for each other as well as the true meaning of Christmas.