Author Evelyn Timidaiski

  My research for my books takes me to many kinds of interesting places. This photo was taken in Walnut Canyon Arizona.

I’m sitting in an actual Anasazi cave on the side of the cliff. The fifteen hundred foot climb down

was made possible by the National Parks System. They have built concrete steps down to many of the caves and paths. From where I sat, I could look out across the canyon and see numerous similar caves at different levels.

I had to imagine how these Native Americans lived in these small caves and their small children managed to stay safe on the cliff. Of course I’m sure there were such tragedies.

Tragedies, living conditions, deities, diet, spirituality are just a few of the topics I researched to write my book, Tiponi-Child of Hope. Arizona is filled with living descendants of many of the Early Americans. Each group is similar, yet vastly different. I find weaving their stories into mine a challenge and a pleasure.

Evelyn M. Timidaiski-w.a. Evie Morris

Good Gals wear White Hats

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