The Wayward Dock

 Most people look back on their year and prepare to make momentous changes. I look back on mine and see this image of an askew dock.  Notice the dock follows a very zig-zag path from one pole to the next. That’s the way the year has gone for me. No matter how hard I tried to chart a course, life happened. Things changed and I carried on. I believe that might be the secret to making it work.

I made it through the year, mostly healthy and problem free. I witnessed the happy union of my son and his lovely new bride, the death of some that were taken too early, and completed my second novel.

Tiponi: Child of Hope is the culmination of a year and a half of research and writing. I hope to find a publisher this year and have it in print.  It may take a while, but like the dock, I intend to make it as a writer.

I hope all of you and yours have a happy and safe New Year.


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