Never Too Cold For Love



Looking For Love

Who says you can’t fall in love in one day? Is there a limit on how much time we spend together before we can call it love?

I personally think time is meaningless when it comes to love. As I watched all the birds outside my door  today, I thought about this. Each little bird braved freezing temperatures, courted, mated, and built houses in one day.


Remember all those young couples who met, married at a moments notice, and survived  World War II, only to be together for over fifty years? Time had nothing to do with the survival of their marriages. Those people believed in working at relationships until they got them right.

I used to tell my kids that their Dad and I were Dinosaurs. When they asked why, we told them we were one of the last couples they knew who were married to the same person they walked down the aisle with, the first time. Our family wasn’t made up of his kids my kids, and our kids.

This blog may upset some. I’m not saying that today’s relationships are wrong , but just think how easy it would be with one last name, no hyphens, and waking up next to the same wonderful spouse for generations.




I’m so lonesome I could cry!


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