Fall Color-No Leaves

 Traveling down a country road, windows down and a cool breeze bringing thoughts of fall. A look up leads to confusion-the leaves are still green.  All is not lost, color abounds in the ditches and I pull over for a glimpse of nature’s other fall color.Blackeyed SusanBlack-eyed Susan with happy yellow faces catches the eye first. Swaying gently in the breeze, they bring back memories of childhood, when we would grab a fistful with our chubby little hands and gleefully present them to mom. The cheerful color never matched the brightness of her smile.

Bumble Bee & ageretum

The eye slowly moves to the perfect complement to the bright yellow. Purple/blue Ageratum grows profusely among the grasses and weeds and attracts a myriad of visitors like the fuzzy bumble bee. Drinking deeply it buzzes on, trying to get that one last taste of sweetness before it gets too cold.

Painted LadyFound among the branches, A Painted Lady Butterfly also gathers nectar as it zips from one bush to the next. Pausing just long enough to give you time to marvel at how well God paints. Her colors are so delicate, your fingers itch to touch, but you resist the urge.

Common Buckeye2Common Buckeye

Movement quickly draws the eye to the brilliantly colored Goldenrod. The Common Buckeye Butterfly balances lightly on the tips before flitting to another. Along with a sip of nectar, it picks up pollen on its hair body and ferries it on spotted wings to the next plant. So much for love and sex in flowers.

Great Purple Hairstreak, Atlides halesusThe Great Purple Hairstreak, shares the feast while adding a touch of sophistication to the banquet table. It’s bright red markings and unusual tail are attention -getters for photographers, if you are lucky enough to see them.

Evelyn Re submit of #24

Gulf Fritillary Butterfly2Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

A flash of orange among the purple flowers, heralds the Gulf Fritillary Butterfly. The beautiful back is nothing compared to its underside which bears a multitude of white spots.