The Wayward Dock

 Most people look back on their year and prepare to make momentous changes. I look back on mine and see this image of an askew dock.  Notice the dock follows a very zig-zag path from one pole to the next. That’s the way the year has gone for me. No matter how hard I tried to chart a course, life happened. Things changed and I carried on. I believe that might be the secret to making it work.

I made it through the year, mostly healthy and problem free. I witnessed the happy union of my son and his lovely new bride, the death of some that were taken too early, and completed my second novel.

Tiponi: Child of Hope is the culmination of a year and a half of research and writing. I hope to find a publisher this year and have it in print.  It may take a while, but like the dock, I intend to make it as a writer.

I hope all of you and yours have a happy and safe New Year.


Things That Bug Me

Spider with face

Spider with face

Things That Bug Me

I couldn’t resist this topic after taking the spider picture. I hope you see the face on the abdomen of the little arachnid. These sunflowers were planted by the birds and have provided a wealth of photographs.

By the way, spiders don’t bug me. I’m not afraid of them, or most bugs. Snakes on the other hand are a different story. They scare me to death and cause me to do weird things like hold the page of a book by the very edges, to avoid touching a snake picture. Kind of reminds me of a line from that seventies song, I don’t like spiders and snakes and that ain’t what it takes to love me.”

Phone calls at supper time, especially telemarketers or bill collectors. Yep, we all have them whether we admit it or not.

People who assume you know certain things and you’re totally in the dark, but too embarrassed to speak up.

All electrical devices that don’t take the same charger, I mean come on, it isn’t rocket science.

Fake smiles. You know the ones with all teeth and no emotion. Practice makes perfect. We all should try to really smile more often.

Loud commercials. Enough said.

Going to the cabinet for something sweet and someone left an empty box where your favorite cookies should be.