Things That Bug Me

Spider with face

Spider with face

Things That Bug Me

I couldn’t resist this topic after taking the spider picture. I hope you see the face on the abdomen of the little arachnid. These sunflowers were planted by the birds and have provided a wealth of photographs.

By the way, spiders don’t bug me. I’m not afraid of them, or most bugs. Snakes on the other hand are a different story. They scare me to death and cause me to do weird things like hold the page of a book by the very edges, to avoid touching a snake picture. Kind of reminds me of a line from that seventies song, I don’t like spiders and snakes and that ain’t what it takes to love me.”

Phone calls at supper time, especially telemarketers or bill collectors. Yep, we all have them whether we admit it or not.

People who assume you know certain things and you’re totally in the dark, but too embarrassed to speak up.

All electrical devices that don’t take the same charger, I mean come on, it isn’t rocket science.

Fake smiles. You know the ones with all teeth and no emotion. Practice makes perfect. We all should try to really smile more often.

Loud commercials. Enough said.

Going to the cabinet for something sweet and someone left an empty box where your favorite cookies should be.



Dragonflies-Sign of Change

male widow skimmer

Dragonflies-Sign of Change

Dragonflies are creatures of mystery and myth. Once thought to have evolved from dragons, these dainty creatures live life to the fullest in the short time they have. Dragonflies spend most of their lives as an immature nymph in the water. When they emerge and become an adult, they only have two months to see the world, find a mate, reproduce and die.

Dragonflies symbolize change or metamorphosis. This change is especially associated with maturity. Powerful and poised dragonflies can see into the depths of water. This is a sort of self-discovery which only comes with maturity.

They have the magical power of iridescence, or change color with the light. Eighty percent of their brain is devoted to sight. They can see three hundred and sixty degrees and fly in every direction. They do all of this with the grace of a ballet dancer dancing on a lily pad.


Butterflies , Sweet Romance

Butterflies are Free

Butterflies are Free


     Romance is the sweet part of loving. Growing excitement, gentle touches and beauty. Not just physical beauty, but beauty from within. The phone call to say hi, the note that says I thought of you today, the pressed flower. Look at this butterfly and think of how it glides from flower to flower, sipping sweetness and moving on.

     I dare you to think of something bad about butterflies. It’s true. Just look at the beauty of this insect which brings oohs and ahhs. Have you ever heard anyone say yuck it’s a butterfly. If you did, I hope you kept a safe distance from the person who said it.

     As I

photographed this beauty, it cooperated and stayed in my flower bed for nearly an hour. I was mesmerized by its color and the way it flitted from flower to flower. This little animal is programmed to drink as much nectar as possible and then start another life over by laying an egg. They go about their business, not bothering anyone, but bringing pleasure to those who happen to see it.

     On a deeper level, think about this. With all the things God had to take care of, he took the time to paint this little insect like a masterpiece. Why? Could it survive just as well if it was plain brown? Yes, but not nearly as pleasing to the eye. We have a tendency to take for granted the beauty that sits right outside our door. Instead, we rush around, looking for things to entertain us and bring us pleasure. Stop and look out the door. Butterflies are free.