Wisteria-Mysterious Plant



As a child, as soon as the weather warmed we spent most of our waking hours outside. We walked everywhere barefoot and carefree. A long dusty road wound through thick woods to Grandma’s. As we walked to her house to play, we passed myriads of cascading purple flowers.

When I asked what they were, my sister call it Mysteria.(She used to tell me all kinds of things, and I usually believed her.) It made sense really, for the beautiful flowers hung heavily on the limbs, giving them a droopy, mossy look. I pictured it climbing the walls of some old stone mansion, digging into the rock and shrouding the old place with mystery and secrets.

Today I know the real name, and I still think the plant looks mysterious. I have often tried to capture the lovely blooms with my camera. The photographs never give full justice to the magnificent vine. I finally got a few shots that are decent if not prize worthy.

Please enjoy, and use your imagination to dream up a story about this flower.


Happy Spring

Evelyn Timidaiski


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The Last Breath of Summer

Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms

The Last Breath of Summer

  The sun still shines on the heated sand as waves wash away foot prints left by morning explorers.

               But—there’s a subtle difference. The heat once so intense is now tempered by a cooling breeze.

Everyone rushes to grasp that one last swim or sail. The wind playfully teases the para-sails, bringing joyful exhilaration to die-hard enthusiasts.

               Sandpipers run chasing the waves, hoping to catch one more mouthful of the ocean’s repast. Flotsam and jetsam edge the tide line, hiding treasures for chubby handed searchers, buckets in hand.

Seashells roll in the surf only to be stranded on the wet sand, waiting for the next push or pull of the waves.

               As evening nears, everyone pauses to watch the red sun melt into the horizon. Cool air blows across the waves as the last breather of summer dies and autumn is born.


Who Am I?

IMG_5714     After years of teaching Biology, I am now embarking on a new career. Writing is now my creative outlet. My daughter once asked where I came up with all those stories. My answer, “Thoughts just rumble around up there and then something falls out.” She wasn’t pleased with my answer.

I am a widow with two wonderful, well-adjusted grown kids. The apron strings have been cut and now I’m waiting to be a grandmother. Hint-Hint My two dogs, Fancy and Bitsy keep me company and mostly sane.

When I’m not writing, I also enjoy painting watercolors, and photography. You will probably see many of my photos on the posts. As I head down this new path, I look forward to meeting many new and interesting people.

I am a true Southerner, so you will probably pick up on some unfamiliar words. Don’t worry, they are usually very colorful and definitely add flavor to my writing.


(Miss Evie)